[SOLVED] How do I get DexterOS?

Just saw the announcement about the DexterOS. I have a GoPiGo that the school where I teach bought last August. Is that compatible with the DexterOS? If so, how do I upgrade my GoPiGo to run the new OS?

I had the same question.

I see you can purchase the SD card HERE, but is it also downloadable, for those of us not afraid to use Etcher?

-= Brandon.

Same here, just saw the announcement about DexterOS and it looks great. However, it says there it is compatible with GoPiGo3 and 2. I have the original one, that I got through kickstarter. Why is DexterOS not compatible with the original GoPiGo as well? Is there anything I can do to make it work? And if so, where can I download it? Thank you!

Hey folks, we’re going to put up a page with more information about downloading and installing DexterOS in the next week.

We have v 1.0.1 ready for download here. After downloading you should be able to use our instructions on burning to an SD Card using Etcher, here, to get it on your own 8 GB (or greater) SD Card.

We would love to hear more about how things go with DexterOS, so please let us know!

@claudiuo, we’ve made a lot of updates to the GoPiGo since v1. We found that a lot of the new features we introduced in DexterOS couldn’t be supported on the V1 of the robot.

I feel silly asking this, but how do I determine what version my GoPiGo is?

There are pictures of the GoPiGo1 and GoPiGo2 here.
The GoPiGo3 says GoPiGo3 on the top of the red board.

Thanks. I hadn’t gotten my GoPiGo out since Christmas break when my Intro to Programming course ended. It was packed away in my classroom where I couldn’t get to it earlier.

Just got it out and played with the new OS. Vast improvement. This really removes a lot of barriers that existed before where students can more easily tinker with coding and be rewarded with success sooner. You are on the right track here.


@jswann5726 thank you very much! Our team is really pleased to hear that! I’m going to close this thread since I think the original post has been answered, but once you use DexterOS a bit, please be sure to let us know what we should be improving.

Also, as a bonus off-topic topic: Bloxter.com is now live. You should be able to have students write programs online, save them to USB, and open them on the robot for testing.

TLDR: You can find instructions for download and how to use DexterOS here.