[SOLVED] How do I replace the grey "true" block in Bloxter

This might be a simple solution that I missed, but how do I replace the grey “true” block in bloxter? For example, I am trying to use a distance sensor, and want to use Drive forward while (distance sensor >10) but the place where that block goes has a grey “true” block that I can not seem to move. It is the same of all “while” blocks. I can change from true to false, but not seem to replace that block with anything else.

I hope this makes sense, thank you for any help here!

You have to replace it with a block that also returns a true or false. There’s a section for those blocks.
What block are you trying to put in there?


Yup, I see it now. I didn’t scroll down enough to see the “true or false” section. Thank you so much for the help with this!

You’re welcome!
And thanks for letting us know it worked! :heart:


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