[SOLVED] LED flickered on Raspberry Pi, now won't power up

Hi there,

I’m new to all this, I bought the gopigo kit a few months ago, but didn’t have time to built it until now. I followed the video tutorials (mine is a gopigo2), and just went out to the shops to buy 8 AA batteries.

Have connected batteries, and switch on. The LED flickered green once, then went out. I left it in the on-state a while hoping it would “warm up”, but after a few minutes, no change. So I switched it off, waited a bit, then switched on again - this time no LED at all.

Looks like the power isn’t getting to my gopigo somehow, or there is a problem with the circuitboard itself.




Are you able to try powering the GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi with the USB power supply? Do you see any difference?

Hi John, thanks.

Yeah, so I just moved on and it all works when I connect the power through the USB in my computer. So that eliminated the idea that there might be a problem in the gopigo itself, leaving the batteries themselves or the power connection as the possible problems.

I made sure I used AA batteries first time, but I got rechargeable 1.2V AA batteries (I don’t want to have to buy new batteries every time I want to use the gopigo)… but yeah when I switched in 1.5V AA batteries (non rechargeable), the gopigo powered up fine. Damn, its gonna expensive using non-rechargeables all the time but I can’t find 1.5V AA batteries that are rechargeable.

Thanks for taking an interest though. I really thought all AA batteries were the same. Oh well.

Hi @davidwfsharp,

It’s great to hear it all solved out.
I too have to get rechargeable batteries as it’s way too inconvenient to buy a new set every week, so I feel it.

Probably, the first batteries you’ve used were discharged.

I’m going to close the thread now.

Thank you!