[SOLVED] Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors on the GrovePi

Halo My freinds

Im totally newbie using GrovePi

i have Grovepi+ and a ultrasonic sensor ranger v2.0 and tried last time using port 4 on grovepi using raspberrypi 3 model B

can i add another 2 ultrasonic sensor on grovepi+? if can which port can be used to add this two sensor and
can it be used to detect at the same time or different time

thank you ,have a good day

Hi @karimimanawir,

Unfortunately, you cannot add another Grove Ultrasonic Sensor to your GrovePi.
You can only have on Grove Ultrasonic Sensor attached to your board.

In order to have another distance-measuring sensor on your GrovePi, you could use our DI Distance Sensor along with the ultrasonic sensor.
Again, you can only have one DI Distance Sensor sensor connected at a time on your board. This means you can ultimately have 2 distance sensors connected to your GrovePi board simultaneous (the Ultrasonic Sensor and the DI Distance Sensor).

Hope this helps at clearing the waters.
Please let me know if there are any other lingering misunderstandings.

Thank you!

Thank You My freind for enlighten me about this

this help me alot