[Solved] "No module named di_i2c"

I am using a GrovePi starterkit, and have followed all installation guides.
However, when i try some of the example projects (“sudo python grove_led_blink.py”) i get the following error messages:
Any ideas of what the problem might be and how to solve it?

di_i2c (di_i2c.py) is part of the Raspbian For Robots RFR_Tools installed by default in the Raspbian For Robots image.

On my R4R Stretch image, it exits in ~/Dexter/lib/Dexter/RFR_Tools/miscellaneous/ and …miscellaneous/build/lib/ and …miscellaneous/build/lib.linux-armv7l-2.7 and possibly in


It also gets installed when you install di_sensors see: https://github.com/DexterInd/DI_Sensors/tree/master/Install

Hi Stefan
If you did the installation per the booklet that comes with the GrovePi+ kit, it is not complete.

Please install using
curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_grovepi | bash

It should fix your problem

Thanks a lot!
After running that, everything works as it should!

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