[SOLVED] Not Always Reading Flash Drive

I’m having a bit of trouble accessing a flash drive in the Dexter OS. You would think a flash drive would be hot swappable given it is USB, but that has not been my experience.

I had my GoPiGo running and decided to save a program I had written in Bloxter so I plugged in the flash drive. When I did so the flash drive option was grayed out. I finally rebooted the GoPiGo, leaving the flash drive plugged in, and when I did that the Dexter OS picked up the drive. Odd thing is that it seems to need to be plugged in at boot up.

Anyone else experiencing this?

An update as I kept tinkering with this after the previous post.

I can get the GoPiGo to read a freshly inserted flash drive; however, it took a bit of clicking around to do so. The first time I was in the open file dialog the USB button was active, but it then grayed out. Then I had to cancel and try again a couple of times to get the contents of the flash drive to show up when clicking on the USB button.

The more I study on this I wonder if the capacity of my flash drive is a factor. The only one I happen to have on hand right now is 16 GB, which might take a computer like the Pi a little time to read. Maybe I’m being impatient. I would try a smaller drive if I had one on hand. Might be something to pay attention to if you try to repeat this for yourself.

Hello @jswann5726,

Sorry if it seems the Flash drive is a bit of a mystery. As you experienced it, it is not hot swappable . We highly recommend always booting up with a USB stick in place. We save logs on that stick too, should you ever find you need some support.
We did put a system in place that is a bit of a compromise. DexterOS will discover a USB stick within a minute. It doesn’t matter what you do, every minute it will check whether a USB stick is active or not. If you find you booted up without a stick and then want to save to one, just wait a minute before calling the save window.

This is something we may revisit in the future, based on user feedback. In the meantime, always booting with a stick is your best bet.

I hope this helps in clearing up the behaviour.


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Thanks. This is good to know. I was, of course, approaching this based on my experience when I plug a flash drive into a unit running the Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu, etc.