[Solved] PivotPi and Scratch For Robots

Hello, when I first used my PivotPi with RPi3+ it worked fine. I used your flag waving program using Scratch For Robots. I had issues with other hardware (new touchscreen monitor setup) and i had to reload NOOBS. I followed the steps to install pivotpi using your tutorial. It loads the Scratch for Robots icon on the desktop along with the troubleshoot, pivotpi control and another one…think its scratch gui. 4 new icons. Anyway, NONE of those open from desktop OR from the source folder. I really need that flag waver program. It was so easy. Thank you

How did I totally miss this the first time around?

Re-installing the PivotPi will fix your issue:

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_pivotpi | bash

Also, when you posted last year, we did not support using Scratch on non Raspbian for Robots cards. But we do now.