[SOLVED] Problem with Assigned Lessons with Missions


We purchased the GoBox Subscription for Christmas and we have set up a Parent and Student account in the Studio section of Dexter Industries. Unfortunately, I can assign things to my son to complete (right now we are trying to do Mission 3) but when he clicks on it in the Workbook to complete the mission it tells him we need to purchase the project. I tried to go into my parent login and see if it would let me do it there but it again says I have to purchase the project. This is very frustrating because we have all the parts to Mission 3 sitting here and we wanted to work on it tonight but nothing I do allows us to see the Mission. Please help!



Hello @mmschlatter

I’m sorry you’ve experienced issues with downloading the mission. It’s not something I can fix directly. Could you contact gobox@dexterindustries.com and give them your account info ? They can investigate this properly.



Yes. Thank you. I will email them. I appreciate the contact information!



yay! we got it fixed. Thank you again for your help!


I’m sorry again for the hiccup there.
I hope you have fun with the mission!


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