[SOLVED] Programming GPIO pins on GoPiGo



Hey, im just wondering if there"s any way you can use the pins on the GoPiGo. I want to connect LEDs to it and other stuff. If its possible to you have any library for them or does they work the same way they works on a normal raspberry pi?


Hi @Bjorne,

Before we deep-dive into explaining what you can do with a GoPiGo, can you tell us what GoPiGo are you referring at?
Is it the GoPiGo2 (our older model that we are slowly retiring) or the GoPiGo3 (our new one)?

Thank you!


I have the GoPiGo3 advanced and want to program the gpio pins in python 2/3 doesnt matter.


Hi @Bjorne,

You can program the GPIO pins directly with rpi.gpio package of course, but I don’t think that’s something you want to do because first, there’s hardly any physical space to connect to those pins and second because you can use the Grove ports on the GoPiGo3 instead.

The GoPiGo3 uses SPI protocol to communicate with the Raspberry Pi and in order to interface with the robot in whichever version of Python, you can read the following instructions:

Thank you!


Okay, thats what i wanted to know. I will comeback if i need anymore help. Thanks for the help and feel free to close this post.

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