[SOLVED] Python libraries for mac

I am trying to teach my kids with pycharm and code completion would help a lot. How do I add GoPiGo libraries in mac osx? The instructions are there for linux.

Thank you!

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Hi @forum,

The GoPiGo3 cannot be installed on any other machine other than the Raspberry Pi. You might be able to install the packages on the Raspberry Pi and then have scripts executed remotely from one of your preferred IDEs.

The GoPiGo3 was only made to communicate with a Linux machine. It would beat the purpose to have the GoPiGo3 communicate directly with a Windows/Mac machine.

For instance, with Atom editor, which also must be available on MacOS, you can install an extension that helps you transfer files to the Raspberry Pi the moment you CTRL-Save them. You can also install a terminal within your IDE to help you launch scripts when you write them, so you can still do everything from one window.

Let me know what are your options.

Thank you!

Thanks, How do I just install the libraries for helping kids with code completion? That saves them a ton of time. This is possible with PyCharm

Are you using DexterOS, or Raspbian for Robots?

Raspbian for robots is what I am using

If all you want is auto completion with no ability to simulate or transfer,
I figured out something that will work. I am a total newbie to PyCharm, so FWIW:

Adding GoPiGo3 Python files to PyCharm on my Mac

=== Created home for the files on my Mac

copied files from GitHub: https://github.com/DexterInd/GoPiGo3/tree/master/Software/Python


=== Create New PyCharm Project
New environment using Virtualenv GoPiGoAutoComplete

=== add GoPiGo3 files to project
Preferences, Project Structure-> +Add Content Root
navigate to ~/dev/GoPiGo3/Software/Python/, select, OK

=== Create your new Python GoPiGo test file (really? this is how you do it?)

Rt click Scratches -> New -> Python
Rt click scratch.py -> Refactor > AutoCompleteTest.py

Start typing and it will auto complete:


# AutoCompleteTest
import easygopigo3
robot = easygopigo3.EasyGoPiGo3()  
ds = robot.init_distance_sensor()

If you are using the di_sensors code directly, rather than from Easy, use the same method to create a directory of di_sensors/ from the applicable files in


On Raspbian for Robots, you can install the mu editor that will provide autocomplete. Or you can use Thonny (not the simple one, the main one) already installed.

Thank you! that worked. Appreciate the help.:grinning:

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