[SOLVED] Raspbian RemoteCameraRobot can't move?

At first had flask_server.py complain it can’t import ‘Mutex’. Then found I had already set it to run at startup, and was trying to run it again manually, causing a mutex problem as you would expect.

Next problem: I get a good live image in browser at dex.local:5000 (and quite low latency, impressive) but can’t figure out the “joystick” function if there is supposed to be one, to move? Below the live image is this unchanging text:

State: Stop
Angle Degrees: 0°
Angle Direction: Up
Joystick Force: 1.0

EDIT: nevermind, got it working! Very cool to be able to see and control movement. May have had some kind of problem with I2C port that required ‘easygopigo3.pi’ in the same directory as flask_server.pi (?)


Glad to see you got it working! It’s a pretty cool project I must say!

If easygopigo3 needed to be in the same folder as flask_server.pi it looks like the installation wasn’t complete.

Are you running Raspbian for Robots, or did you install it yourself on a standard Raspbian card?