[SOLVED] Raspbian vnc password change

Hello, I recently purchased the GoPiGo classroom kit, and have raspbian running. I would like to change the vnc password from the default robots1234 to something else. I’ve tried sudo vncpasswd, and sudo vncpasswd -t which asks me to change the password. But when I launch a new vnc session the only password that works is the robots1234. Any help would be appreciated.

Solved: Needed to be logged in as pi. Then vncpasswd will update that users vnc password. (I was logged as another user).

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I’m glad you managed to figure it out. I’m interested in knowing why you felt the need to change the password. (Not disputing the need, just making sure we support this case in the future).
Would you mind sharing?

thank you in advance,

I guess this wasn’t related to robotics, which is the main reason I purchased these. I was just thinking of other things I could have students use these raspberry pi’s for. I may also want to give some students an experience working in a linux console as different users, and wanted to see if I could protect the root password if I wanted to.