[SOLVED] Right motor not stopping or responding to commands

We have a GoPiGo3 with a Raspberry pi 2, and it has been working for weeks up until a couple days ago. We’ve encountered a problem where the right motor will rotate faster when commanded, and it won’t stop rotating, even when we quit terminal. The only way to turn it off is to restart the robot. The motor is making louder noises than usual. Replacing batteries did not solve the problem, but make it worse by making the right motor turn faster and be louder. The problem has occurred in each program we have run.

Manufacturer : Dexter Industries
Board : GoPiGo3
Serial Number : 76B7B0A0514E3437324A2020FF040526
Hardware version: 3.x.x
Firmware version: 1.0.0
Battery voltage : 11.727
5v voltage : 4.947

It sounds like the GPG3 probably isn’t getting the encoder signals from the right motor. Try checking the following:

  • Be sure the motor cables are inserted fully.
  • Check to be sure that the encoders sensors are positioned very close to, but not quite touching the spinning magnet on the back of the right motor.
  • Visually compare the two motors, and note any differences you see. You could also post a picture detailing the rear of the right motor, specifically showing the position of the encoder sensors compared to the magnet disk.

What software are you using to run the motor?

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That was it! We checked the encoder sensors and one was bent out of place. Upon putting it back in the correct position, the robot is back to working perfectly! Thank you very much!

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