[SOLVED] RPi3 and GoPiGo2 - problem powering the Pi

My daughter and I finally assembled our GoPiGo2 kit (has the red velcro battery strap) today, but are not having any luck getting it to power our Raspberry Pi 3. We have the latest software installed on the SD Card, and are able to connect to it via VNC when the USB power adapter is plugged into the Pi. When we try to power up without the USB power adapter, we only get the green LED on the red GoPiGo board. No LED’s are on the Pi. We are using new AA batteries, straight out of the package.

Pic of the setup is attached. Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hello @finney75

I’m sorry your daughter is facing an issue. Not a good feeling. :frowning:
Would it be possible to have a picture from the other side, that would show the connection pins that connect the Pi to the GoPiGo2 board?


Picture attached of other side. Thanks!


Hello @finney75 I think the Raspberry PI needs to be moved one set of pins backward. It looks like the pins of the Pi are not properly aligned with the pins of the female adapter on this. Here’s a picture, the red arrows showing which direction the Pi should be moved.

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@JohnC beat me to it…

There’s supposed to be 7 pairs of “dangling pins” and you seem to have 8. Moving the Pi the way John described it will fix the problem.


Ah - thanks to you both! That did the trick - she is up and running now!

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I wish you lots of fun with your new friend, and a happy new year too!


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