[SOLVED] Stop doesnt work on Bloxter Drive menu - GoPiGo keeps going!

Hi - I’ve done my best to find this on the message boards and haven’t so apologies if I missed it…

Assembly and set up have worked fine. But in Drive mode on Bloxter the Stop button doesn’t work in the browser. The GoPiGo just keeps going! Even if we disconnect the wifi it still keeps going, although the light then switches from blue back to green which I guess means the connection has been broken - but the last drive instruction pre-close is still in the circuit.

I’ve tried this now using Windows Explorer and Opera from two separate computers - exactly the same results.

Subsidiary problem: the straight direction doesn`t go straight but in a curve. I´m guessing this is a physical alignment issue I just wondered if there was a way to check if the wheels were on straight and so on…

Many Thanks

Johnny West

Hi @delepaak,

Can you tell us what version of DexterOS you’re using?

Thank you!

Hi. It seems to have solved itself for no reason I can understand. Maybe I turned it off and on enough to free its brain.

Hey @delepaak so glad to hear it started working again; can you please tell us the version you’re using though so we can keep track of whether we’ve solved this or not?