[Solved] Streaming Video with Raspberry Pi 3B+ and GoPiGo3

I have a problem with streaming video. I have the camera, the camera module, etc… Everything is working well when i’m doing it on Python, Thommy, etc… (I’m on Raspbian for robots btw). The thing is, when I wanted to stream following the DexterIndustries method, it doesn’t work. Here is the link with the instructions : https://www.dexterindustries.com/GoPiGo/projects/python-examples-for-the-raspberry-pi/browser-video-streaming-robot-gopigo3/
When I put “sudo bash install.sh”, it marks “command not found”. I wanted to clone the git hub folders and files thing but it marked “already exists…”.
Please help :frowning:

PS : the camera.start_preview() is working for the moment but only with a monitor directly connected (and I want to do a video streamer robot to see on my computer what the robot sees while moving it).

I hope someone will hear me :frowning:

RaspianForRobots has it preinstalled: ~/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Projects/RemoteCameraRobot/

to run:

python3 remote_robot.py

(That’s it.)

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thank you, everything’s working now !