[SOLVED] Too many sensors to be fed by the current?

Hi there, I wonder is that many sensors may make the grovePi impossible to provice current (using the recommended rpi DC adapter) or any other possible problem you may detect

thanks in advance

Hi @annlee,

The only sensors you would be connecting to the GrovePi are those that have the following identifiers in your diagram:

  • D2-D8
  • A0-A2

The rest of them will only go through the Raspberry Pi, so yes, they can all get the required current from the GrovePi, provided you have a good power supply for the Raspberry Pi.

Thank you!

yes, I will be using the official rpi power supply

I just was worried that since each sensor has a consumption, wouldn’t be enough to feed that many sensors, but I guess you think wont be problem :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, those sensors you showed me won’t draw too much current, so you’re safe. I’m not sure about others though.

I’m gonna close this thread now if that’s okay with you.

Thank you!

great, you can close, thanks

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