[SOLVED] Unsupported components (servo, circular LED, speech recognizer, speaker)


If you could confirm about support for these items on the GrovePi:

  • Grove Servos - to get servos working with the Raspi, we need the Pivot Pi. The GrovePi on its own is not enough. Also it is possible to mount the PivotPi on top of the GrovePi

  • Grove Circular LED - has a library been made to support this component on the GrovePi?

  • Grove Speech Recognizer - has a library been made to support this component on the GrovePi?

  • Grove Speaker - I understand the Grove Speaker is not supported, correct? And that we should use the aux output on the Raspi to get audio out.



Hi @s.maam,

Grove Servos

That’s correct.
For controlling the servos with the Raspberry Pi you have to connect the PivotPi to GrovePi's I2C port and then actuate the servos through a Python script.

Grove Circular LED

At the moment, Grove Circular LEDs are not supported. Though, with some time and dedication, a port of the Grove libraries (from Seeed) may be possible.

Grove Speech Recognizer

Unfortunately, the Grove Speech Recognizer is not supported.

If you’re looking for a way of recording/analyzing speech, I may suggest you use an USB Microphone that’s intended for the Raspberry Pi.
Here is an example of this kind of microphone - link here.

Grove Speaker

Here’s the repo that you can use for getting started with the Grove Speaker:

And here’s the tutorial on how to play around with the Grove Speaker:

Ok thanks for the feedback…!