[SOLVED] Updating the GoPiGo2: "Update the Robot" vs "Update the Software"

I have a GoPiGo 2. I did the update software step but I was prompted to click on a box to update the software or on a box to update the robot. I did not see anything about this in the documentation or the videos. I clicked on update the software and all seemed to work well. But I’m wondering about 2 things:

  1. Should I go back to that step and click on update the robot?
  2. After update is the software the same as that in a GoPiGo 3?

Elsewhere in the documentation it says to do the update when on battery power. But I did not see it and did the update when the power cord was plugged in.

I now see that part of this is answered under the post “Updating Rasparian.”

So, in fact I should go back and update the robot.

But still I wonder if the updated software is the same as that on a GoPiGo 3? Also does it matter if the power is from the cord or the batteries?

Hello @rscherl,

The software update will bring all software up to our latest. However that doesn’t mean you can use the GoPiGo3 libraries and tools for the GoPiGo2. They are completely different robots from an internal point of view. Motors don’t behave the same way as the GoPiGo3 has different encoders.

As far as I know the power is not an issue but it’s not my area of expertise. I’ll double check for you.


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Ok Thanks. So are you saying that there is no reason to go back and click on “Update Robot” or should I do that?


There doesn’t seem to be any reason to update your robot, no.
The GoPiGo2 has been stable for a while now. So unless you have technical issues with it, you don’t need to update it


Thanks for for the information.