[SOLVED] Use alternative power charger

Hi all,

I just bought a GoPiGo 3 starter package (great thing, I love it!). I live in Europe and cannot use the standard power charger that comes with it and I’m looking for an alternative to use.

In the technical specs it says that operating voltage of the GoPiGo 3 is 7-12V. I get 9V from my battery pack. However, I also want to use the power cable for programming. If I connect the USB charger directly to my Macbook, I get 6V. I also get 6V if I plug in the USB cable to my iPhone charger (it says output is 5V/1A on the charger). Another charger I tried gives me 19V! (output labelled as 5V/500mA on the charger).

What is your experience/recommendation? How high is the voltage if I would use the standard charger? Is it fine to just use my Macbook as a power source during programming?

Hi @Mr_Tolchock,

I also live in Europe and when I got the standard power charger for the US, what I did was to buy an adapter for it.

You don’t have to worry about the voltage range as the charger can also work on the EU’s power lines.

Thank you!

Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your response. Yet, as I have so many adapters lying around, I was just wondering whether I can use one of those… or just simply my Macbook, which would be most convenient.

How much volt you get out from the standard adapter?

Hi @Mr_Tolchock,

Any charger that offers more than 2A will do the job.

As to what charger you can use, be sure to have an USB port because that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi. For your information, any USB port is running at 5V.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your help!

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