[SOLVED] Using GoPiGo3 board with raspbian stretch lite custom OS


I’m trying to use the GoPiGo3 Board with a lite OS (rasbian stretch lite).

At the link below it’s mentioned that using my own OS is possible.

Can you give me some direction as to what is necessary to interact with the GoPiGo red board? I’m hoping to not include the extras in the Raspbian for Robots.

I’m mainly hoping to access using the python libraries of easygopigo3 and gopigo3. Is there more documentation about what is needed? I’ve run the install.sh but have had difficulty progressing past that.

My system includes pip, python, python3, pip3, python-dev.

i’m getting a /bin/sh: 1: gpio: not found when I try to construct:

gpg = easygopigo3.EasyGoPiGo3()

Thanks for any advice or input!

Was missing package wiringpi. All set, I think!

That’s great to hear!