[SOLVED] Variable Color LED v1.1 sample code for GrovePi+

I have the Grove Variable Color LED v1.1 and am trying to connect and have it work with my GrovePi+ but I was wondering if there was sample code for this or an API reference that anyone could lead me to.

I have the latest firmware and version of the GrovePi library. I’m running it on the latest Buster RaspiOS. I have confirmed that the ports on the GrovePi+ work with other sensors (Temp/Humidity and an ultrasonic sensor respectively) using the i2c port and the Digital Port (D7).

I’ve tried using the Chainable-RGB-LED code with 1 LED and also just the Blink LED code/samples but none work. I’ve also tried using the direct serial code with the RPISER port which also doesn’t work.

I’m wondering if there is an API or code out there for this LED that I couldn’t find or if I’ll have to buy the Chainable LED and use only 1.


I had to twist the potentiometers with a phillips head screw driver to turn the LED lights on since they were all in the closed position. (The 3 potentiometers for RGB are located next to the Grove port and look a little like screws).

It worked with the Blink and Fade samples from the GrovePi sample code.

python3 ~/Dexter/GrovePi/Software/Python/grove_led_blink.py

This looks like the correct sample to use for that device. Did you plug it into D4?

(or use grove_led_fade.py and plug it into D5)

The color cannot be changed programmatically - only by twisting the potentiometers on the board (gently).

Be sure to read the configuration information in the source files.

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THAT WORKED! Thanks so much!!

I had to turn the potientiometers so that they were on haha, and then the blink and fade LED code worked properly.

I guess I should get the chainable LED’s if I want to change the LED colors programatically.