[SOLVED] Volume control in dexteros

How can you control the volume for the external speaker in dexteros? I understand how to do it in Raspbian for robots but in dexteros it seems you can’t even ssh or login with a monitor and keyboard and change the mixer settings. The speaker I’m using is plenty loud at max volume in raspbian for robots, but in dexteros its not loud enough to hear in a noisy classroom.

I’m sorry to hear that, @digitalride

I guess this is something we didn’t plan for, assuming all speakers would have a volume control on them.

I can’t offer a solution right away but will look into options.
Thanks for bringing it up!


We can control the speaker volume in hardware but we’d like to set the software volume to 100% to make it as loud as possible. I think you should make 100% volume be the default since you can always add an inline headphone 3.5mm volume control slider to turn it down.

I’m thinking I can edit the filesystem to create a working login and then use some mixer commands and maybe a startup job to set the volume to 100% at each boot if it isn’t persistent.

So here’s a temporary solution.
Go into Code in Python, then click on Terminal

The following command seems to work for me:
sudo amixer set PCM -- 100%

Let me know if it helps,


PS. edited the command because the copy didnt work therefore it pasted an invalid command.

Thanks, that worked, and it was persistent across a reboot so we’re all set.


Woohoo! Thanks for letting us know!

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