[Solved] Warning: Could not find a gopigo

I’ve just received my gopigo 2 robot set
I’ve download installed sd card (from Dexter indutries), setup wifi
I’m using Raspbian for Robots operating system
I’ve updated firmware with motors disconnected
but when I’m running the basic python program to test the robot, it doesn’t work.
When I launch the « GoPigo Control Panel », it says: « Warning: Could not find a gopigo »
(here is a picture)
Gopigo 0
Could you tell me what to do ?

PS : Here are pictures of how i have the GoPiGo2 and the Raspberry Pi assembled
Gopigo 2Gopigo 3Gopigo 4Gopigo 5Gopigo 1

Hey @frederic.rosin it looks like you ran a software update on Raspbian for Robots. Did you try to do a Firmware update for your Robot?

Are you able to generate a test log?

Hi John,
I’ve just updated the Firmware and it works properly now !
Thanks for your advice

Too easy, glad we solved it! :slight_smile: