Sound Sensor vs Loudness Sensor - is there a difference?

Is there an upper limit on what these sensors can respond to? If I shout at the thing right next to my mouth I get a reading of about 1000… I don’t know what that corresponds into decibels. I’m looking to have these alert me when a >130db motor turns on – I don’t really care what the value is, just that say its above threshold x… so do action y.

thanks in advance,

Hi @grovepi3,

The sound sensor is theoretically, a better sensor than the loudness sensor as it’s more rich in the amount of data it caries. Unfortunately, the sound sensor is rather an ill-fitted sensor for the GrovePi as our board is only capable at reading values up to a certain frequency that’s much lower than the frequency at which the sensor is operating.
Thus, we introduced the loudness sensor which has incorporated a low-pass filter and makes it more suitable for our platform.

On the other hand, these 2 sensors can only operate in a certain range of sound levels - 130 decibels is extremely loud and I doubt these 2 can make a distinction.
And if you search for their datasheet, I doubt you’ll see any relevant technical specs about it related to the range of sound levels.

I haven’t done a research on microphones, but I’m pretty sure there are other microphones that can go up to that level of loudness - you could then implement it with a GrovePi.

Thank you!