Spy v. sPi Robot Missions: Code. Capture. Defend

Spy vs Spi is a fun educational game that coaches kids to solve problems by challenging them to accomplish missions!

It can be played individually at home, or in groups in a classroom or a workshop! It’s based on the GrovePi, a Raspberry Pi robot kit that is easy-to-build and includes a rich collection of programmable, plug-and-play components — from sensors for things like distance, sound, light, and infrared, to buttons, buzzers and more.

Spy vs Spi combines hardware and software and a fun narrative to get kids engaged. The project engages kids in learning and mastering technology and engineering. The engineering and coding lessons behind the missions have real life applications and teach the basis of engineering and software.

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We really appreciate your support for our previous projects and hope you’ll back our new project and share it with friends, family, clubs and schools that want their children to learn to code!

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