Stacking GrovePi with the Adafruit Servo HAT - I2C Conflict?[SOLVED]

Dear Dexter Industries and others,

I’m just starting with a new project in which I want to use a RPI3 with a GrovePi and two Adafruit Servo HATs (Adafruit DC and Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi). This means that I will first have to stack the two HATs on the Raspberry and then stack the GrovePi on top of that.

If I understand it correctly, the RPI communicates to both the HATs as the Grove through I2C addresses. For the HATs I know what these addresses are and how to change them (explained on the adafruit website over here…)

Will the communication through these addresses create a conflict with the Grove? And would it help if I change the shield’s I2C address to something else between 0x60 - 0x80?

I will start building it tomorrow but I’ve already noticed this potential bump. Some advice would be deeply appreciated!

Liam J. Niemeijer

Hey @liam37,
I just checked the schematic of the Adafruit Hat’s and it looks like they are compatible with the GrovePi. You can just stack the 2 Adafruit Hat’s and then the GrovePi. There wouldn;t be any conflict with the I2C address too since the GrovePi uses 0x04.

Ok that is awesome. Thanks a lot for your reaction!