Start with GoPiGo Now and Update Chassis Later?

I’m looking to do my first robot kit with my 8 year old (who is currently doing some WeDO Robotics in school).

Our goal is to build a tank or outdoor platform like this: Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis - Black (34:1 gear ratio)

Has anyone started with a GoPiGo and then moved the hardware to another chassis platform?


I’ve never done it, but I’m wondering how many of those wheels are actually powered ? GoPiGo only has two. The Wild Thumper seems to have 6 motors. At the very least, something will have to be adapted for power.
Intriguing project!

The Thumper does have 6 motors, but each side is wired in parallel:

This is a differential-drive chassis, meaning that turning is accomplished by driving the motors on the two sides of the platform at different speeds. The three motors on each side of the robot are wired in parallel, so only two channels of motor control are required to get this chassis moving. The motors are intended for a maximum nominal operating voltage of 7.2 V (2V minimum), and each has a stall current of 6.6 A and a no-load current of 420 mA at 7.2 V.

At least that is what I read here:

I think most of the other tank kits I’ve seen have just 2 motors though.

Hey RichP,
Those motors are pretty heavy duty and the stall current is also too much for the current GoPiGo design to handle. What you might be able to do is to connect an external motor driver via Serial or I2C on the GoPiGo and use that to control these motors.