Startup Questions

A few startup questions:

  1. I tried to use my Apple IPhone as a network but the Raspberry Pi wouldn’t connect to my hotspot, although it did work through my home network. Is there a particular setting that would fix that? Maybe the type of network is giving it a problem?

  2. I’ve read all of the documentation and watched a bunch of videos on startup but I haven’t see one thing that shows me how to SSH over into the raspberry pi from a PC. I saw VNC viewer for the MAC. I suggest making a video for a PC version of the startup. I saw one forum topic talk about using bonjour to ping the device, but I was able to ping it and find the IP address perfectly fine from the command line. It also shows the IP address in the raspberry pi wifi connection screen so you don’t have to guess. How do I get the remote desktop going on the PC exactly? Thanks!

I answered my 2nd question, there is a great youtube on how to use VNCviewer:

Connections through the iPhone hotspot still isn’t working.

Here’s a great tutorial on the Pi and VNC:

As far as the iPhone network goes, I’m not exactly sure. You’re using it as a wifi hotspot, and logging on with your Pi?