Stream video / picamera / windows pc

I have run into a dead end.
Just purchased GoPiGo3 and put together. Using the web interface was able to test all hardware with the Bloxter code. Drive motors, Camera, distance sensor, Servo Wifi, Ethernet… all good!

The real goal is to create a large set of Python code that will give the bot some intelligence and provide Python learning.

I have been using the Dexter WebIDE v0.3.12 as my “terminal” to the RPi.
(I am on a Win 10 Desktop) Connecting through a router over physical Ethernet.

Trying to get the camera to STREAM VIDEO and pick it up on the Windows Desktop.
I have tried many options. I will summarize the options with the general road block.
1- VLC to VLC. I am unable to install VLC on the RPi. (sudo apt-get install vlc) I get a “unable to locate package”

2- Gstreamer to Gstreamer. Again unable to get the package. Same error.

3- Using ‘picamera’ import, and the basic recipe from chapter 4. I can create the port and essentially make it ‘listen’, but I am unable to get the Windows side to work properly.

Of the doezens of videos and tutorials I have tired I am still stuck. The most appealing thus far is this very simple

However I can not get ‘gstreamer’ installed on the RPi.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

The Goal is to get a stream from GoPiGo3 to a Windows PC.
Not sure if the problem is some intentional limitation to the Raspian for Robots or using the WebIDE or what.

Follow up thought
I am going to assume I have DexterOS and that is does not allow SSH.
I am going to flash/etch/image the SD with Raspbian for Robots and hope there is the same amount of setup with the GPIO, and base structure that came with DexterOS.
fingers crossed

Actually what you are trying to do was intended to be done on Raspbian for Robots, so it should be easier.

After hours of searching, testing and mucking around I believe I have come to the same conclusion.

However, now after loading the RFR the SSH works, desktop works, but none of the example scripts work.

Something to do with python libraries. I am trying to dig out of the hole and figure it out. Going to do all the ‘uninstall’ and ‘update’ items I can find.

Have any idea what SHOULD be installed on the GPG3?
Python version what?

Or put another way, does anyone have any idea what the example scripts were written against? Meaning the scripts should work on Python version what?

Sorry for the really late reply.
It should work out of the box. In theory of course.

Could you put the exact error?