Streaming Camera


I have successfully enable the Video streaming using the camera and it start automatically on boot.
I can launch it using my browser and the port 5000. All is ok

However, i’d like to stop it manually and gently when i want to use the camera to take picture on another project. Can you help finding the manual command
The command : raspistill -o Desktop/image.jpg return Error : ENOSPC . The Camera Module is probably running out of GPU memory. Checkvand i think it’s due to the video streaming.

Thanks in advance

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Does it quit when you close the browser window?

Does it quit if you ssh into the bot and execute:

sudo systemctl stop camerarobot.service

That should stop the currently executing camerarobot.service.

I think to undo the camerarobot starting at the next boot, you will need to:

sudo systemctl disable camerarobot.service

(type “systemctl -h” or “man systemctl” for all the possible things to do with the camerarobot service)

I added a request for official support for doing what you are asking:


That’s perfect, sudo systemctl stop camerarobot.service is the command i did want.
My other project can move forward
Thanks again, appreciate your quick answer :slight_smile:

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Are you sure? Did the remote camera robot still autostart on reboot? I couldn’t tell if you would need the --runtime option so that it only stops it for the current session, but leaves it enabled to run after the next reboot.

Sorry, i spoke too quickly
You’re right, it didn’t start at the next boot automatically.
I have to manually to do a sudo systemctl start camerarobot.service

But i can leave without for me i’m good. But i’m interested by the option to keep the autoboot and manually stop it on demand.

Sorry for the confusion

So after using

sudo systemctl start camerarobot.service

it should start immediately, and autostart the next boot.

Please test that it indeed starts on the next boot.

Next, try stopping it only for the remainder of that session with:

sudo systemctl --runtime stop camerarobot.service

It should stop immediately, and should restart the next time you boot the system.

Perfect, thanks a lot for your complete support

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Hello cyclicalobsessive

I confirmed that sudo systemctl start camerarobot.service start within the session and keep started automatically after each boot.
I confirmed also that sudo systemctl --runtime stop camerarobot.service is stopping it for the running session and keep the automatic boot

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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