Streaming Project - using Iphone times out

I followed instructions for the Browser Streaming Robot project and am able to control the robot with my laptop using Chrome. When I key in the IP address of the robot into my iphone (using safari), which is conntected to the same router via wifi,i get a timeout error. Do i need to do something extra to use my iphone 6 with this project?

Hey Heskinsm, I tried this with an iPhone, using Safari, and had no problems. Are you sure your phone is on the same wifi network as the gopigo?

Thanks for your reply John. In step 5 the ip address is shown after ifconfig is entered. My screen looks different (picture attached). When I enter the IP address the iphone browser (safari) times out.

It looks like you’re connected via ethernet, but not over a wifi network. The key to this project is that whatever device you’re controlling with, and your Pi, need to be on the same network. If you’re using an iPhone the only way to do that is with a wifi network.

First goal would be to get both devices on the same network. Your wifi network assigned IP number will probably be something like “192.168.x.x” where the 'x’s are assigned by the router.

Also, not sure what sort of setting you’re in, but i would try it on a home network (not a school or a university) first; they are in general much more simple.

I see you wrote you’re connected on the same router; I’m not sure why this doesn’t work because I think they should be on the same network. But I think if you setup the Pi to login to the same wifi network, you should see success.

Let us know how this goes!