Stupid question - Pi 3?[SOLVED]

I know the description says that the GoPiGo2 works with all versions of Pi, but I just wanted to make sure I won’t learn later that the description hasn’t been updated since the 3 was released.

Thank you! I’m so glad I found out about the GoPiGo.

I’m using it with the RPi 3. Wifi works great. No bluetooth support apparently, but I’m not using bluetooth so I don’t much care.

BTW: I like to use an 8GB micro SD card (and expand the file system using raspi-config) so that I know I’ve got enough storage for tools I want to add, code, etc. This saved my bacon when my laptop crashed - the robot’s code was safe on the robot itself.

Wow - thank you for that quick response. Good to know. I have a spare 8GB SD card that I was planning to use since I already have it lying around. Glad to know that it will bring along the advantages you mentioned.