Subscriptions GoBox vs PyBox

Can anyone explain the difference between PyBox and GoBox? PyBox seems $9.99 a month more expensive, and it mentions 6 projects. Does this mean after the 6 projects, there is nothing else to get for it?

I want to buy one of them, preferably one that I can program in Python as it’s the language I’m learning. I want one that I can keep building on, even after 6 months.

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Hello Snipey, and welcome to the forums

GoBox will teach using a block based language called Bloxter. It does let you see the Python code that gets generated so it might be good to see how things are done. It’s very much a beginner level program.

PyBox is straight into Python using JupyterLab and Jupyter notebooks. You’ll learn how to leverage interactive Python, do a bit of data science, draw graphs of incoming sensor values, generally learn more advanced topics. Each project has more meat to them than the projects in GoBox. We estimate between 4 to 6 hours per PyBox project.
While concepts like loops, conditionals, variables, are explained in PyBox, it is very light on them. We recommend PyBox for students who have previous programming experience before, at least the basic concepts.

I hope this helps


Is this something I will be able to subscribe to more than 6 months, or is that all that is available?

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Hi @Snipey,

We have a few other third-party challenges and projects available, but the PyBox Challenges are pretty substantial!

Please write in to our helpdesk if you have any other questions about our subscriptions! I check that much more regularly than the Dex forum here.