Success update + Help: fwd() is not straight?

Hello all,

Here’s some modified obstacle avoider code attached below. See the video below for what it does (stops at 20 cm, backs up really fast, turns slightly left). Yay!

BUT… Why does the bot always go slightly to the right?

I switched the tires, and it still goes to the right.

Thanks in advance.


Here’s the code, attached as a txt

the video!

The motors, wheels, the mounting mechanism and the castor wheel all add a bit of error which results in the GoPiGo moving a bit of course when moving. We have a trim function which you can use to reduce the speed of the motors on one side. You can find more information here: .


Thank you Karan. I’ll try that out.

We have about 12 people (and counting) signed up for our 3 week summer program that revolves around the GoPiGo, so it’s nice to get feedback on this forum.

I had another question that may be of interest to you, since you wrote part of the function in question:

Hey Ian,
We try to help out all the folks on the forums as much as we can and it would be nice to hear more about the Summer program that you are going to have.

I just posted the answer to the other forum question and do check out the answer.


Ian, this is a great video! Can we put it up on Youtube?

Sure! Feel free to use this and the forthcoming ones.

Thanks Ian! Can’t wait for the forthcoming ones!

Hey! Now i’m trying to solve this problem but i don’t know where to download the v.1.3 firmware. Could you please tell me how to do that ?

Thanks a bunch!

You should update the Gothub repo and the v1.3 firmare should be here and in the same directory locally. Just make the executable sudo chmod +x and then run it sudo ./ and you should have an updated firmware.