Sudden problem with Motors - BrickPi

Okay, so I thought everything was going well and motors on my BrickPi/EV3 were working well. When all of sudden, the motors don’t appear to work.

When I type in BP.set_motor_power(BP.PORT_A + BP.PORT_B, 30), the motor turns on a for a second and then turns off. When I place it in a loop, the same thing happens.

I have tried changing the rechargable battery pack but with no effect. The voltage reading still says 9v. However, when I run the motor test python file, the motor will continue to run while I press the button. So im kind of stumped as to what is going on…


Found out that when I configure the infrared thermal camera on port 1, the motors are disabled. Please help?

@cleoqc has a nice pin-mapping for the GoPiGo, maybe there’s one for the BrickPi too?

Is it possible that there’s an address collision between the thermal camera and the motor controller? I know that the GoPiGo reserves a handful of i2c addresses for its own use.