Suggestion: The ability to cut-and-paste between program files


I have discovered that in the 2.2.2 version of DexterOS, there does not appear to be a way to cut-and-paste between programs - or to merge one program with another.

In my example, I created a simple “distance sensor” test.  I also created a simple test routine for the newly installed bumper.  What I want to do now is merge the “bumper” code into the routine for the distance sensor so that the distance sensor code is also sensitive to bumper impact.

Unfortunately - insofar as I can tell - I cannot cut-and-paste between programs.  Neither have I discovered a way to save a code snippet and import into an existing program.

Would you please consider adding a feature that allows this in a future release?

Respectfully submitted,

Jim “JR”

We could heoretically do something with copy-pasting Python code from one program to another in Bloxter’s interface - not JupyterLab.

I’m not exactly sure how the actual implementation would be that would allow multiple bloxter programs to be combined - the biggest “challenge” would be to avoid conflicts.

This could be an interesting implementation, but we cannot promise anything at this point.

Thank you!