Support for Grove Chainable RGB LED


Hi there,
Is there support for the chainable RGB LED.


Not yet, but I am working on it.


DO you now when this support will be released?


I’m still working on it…

The main problem is there are too many variables (bytes) to send in a single command.

I’ve come up with a solution where you issue the 1st command to simply set a colour, storing it’s value in ram.

Then issue a 2nd command to set the previously stored colour on a led at a given offset.

The same a) set colour, b) do something pattern can be applied to other sensors, so I’m making sure it’s done right.

I have it working on a chain of 10 RGB LEDs. Just needs testing and polish.

I expect to be finished with it in a few days, then it will take a little while for Karan to review, merge and increment the version.