Support for Luminance Sensor?

I bought the GrovePi+ and Luminance Sensor.

Now I saw that there is no sample Code for it in Python and don’t see it in the supported sensor list

So is the Luminance Sensor supported with the GrovePi?


Can you supply a link to the specific sensor you’re looking for?

We don;t have an example for the luminance sensor yet, but it should be pretty easy to get it working with the GrovePi. To read from the luminance sensor, you just read the analog voltage coming from the sensor and map it to a predefined range of values.

To get the sensor working, you’ll have to port the code here: to python which shouldn’t be very hard and we’ll try our best to help you. You can use: tp read from the sensor and write the readAPDS9002Vout() function. Once you have got the analog value from the sensor, it would be pretty straightforward to write the readLuminance() function for it.

Feel free to ask any questions on it.