Support for new Grove Sensors with GrovePi

There are a lot of new Grove Sensors which Seeed has recently launched and we keep on adding support and examples for them to the GrovePi.

With the launch of the new forums, we have polling now available on the forums, and one good use for it that we can think, is to add a list of newer Grove sensors and have the users vote on which one they would like to have working first.

This would really help us to prioritize which sensors we should start working on first.

Here is a list of sensors that we can think about. Feel free to suggest more sensors that we should add to the list: (Here is a complete list of Grove sensors)

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I came to the forum today to ask about the haptic feedback motor, so this seems like a good place to ask!
I would like to see support for the haptic feedback motor, but I think it may be discontinued?

Hey @jamesc:
That’s a nice sensor to add. I think we had missed that sensor. I;ll add that to the list too. Is there any project that you have planned for this.

I’m planning on adding it to a project that uses a capacitive touch sensor for input, to provide some feedback. I’ll use a vibration motor for now.

And I’m also interested in support for the Grove Infrared Emitter and Infrared Receiver. I’ve read several threads around this forum regarding these but can’t find anything concrete. I suppose my use case is fairly standard, I’d like to use the receiver to ‘decode’ some signals from an existing IR remote, and then use the emitter to send those signals on demand from the GrovePi.

Hi @jamesc,

You can refer to the IR receiver example given here which works well for our remote. In order to have it working for your own IR remote, you can try following the instructions given here.
We haven’t worked on the IR emitter much, so you can try the instructions given here which would be good to start with.

-Please let us know if this helps,

Is there a process for submitting types of new sensors to be created? I’d really be interested in a magnetic sensor that is designed for use in a alarm system such as on a door. Specifically at work I want to be able to attach it to a network cabinet that houses our switch infrastructure so that I can be alerted if a cabinet door is left open as well as track when the door has been opened.

Hi @nickmiller1591,

Your application can be implemented using a magnet and a Grove Hall effect sensor. You can place a magnet on the cabinet door and the Sensor on the closure contact, such that when the door closes, the magnet comes in proximity to the sensor.
You can also submit request for specific new sensors here.

Do let us know if this hepls,

I have been trying the magnetic tilt switch with a rare earth magnet, the problem with it lies with how the sensor is oriented. There really is no good way to mount the sensor in a position so that when the door closes with the magnet on it that it comes to a spot where the sensor can detect the magnetic field. Since the part of the sensor that detects the magnet is on the same side of the chip as where the cable connects, it makes it impossible to position. When I try to detect the magnet through the backside of the chip, it really isn’t accurate, it just occasionally detects the magnet if at all. Would the hall effect sensor have a different sensitivity so that it could detect a magnet that is on the backside of the chip? If so that would make it a lot easier to position.

Hi @nickmiller1591,

Hall effect sensor gives a digital low on detecting a Magnetic field and a Digital high in the absence of magnetic field.
Hall effect sensor would be more sensitive than the magnetic tilt switch but we are not sure if it would be sensitive enough.

You can probably give it a try if you have the resources.


Thanks @Shoban for the suggestion and the link. Have a hall effect sensor coming in tomorrow to test out if it will work better.