Support for the NanoPi?


I just ordered a bunch of the new NanoPi boards, and I’m curious if anyone has already tested compatibility with the Grove Pi?

These boards look awesome, and support Linux, and have a compatible (supposedly) GPIO Header for compatibility with Raspberry Pi boards.

I should get mine any day now … anyone else ordered any, or have anything to share?

Nanopi looks like a great little board. We haven’t tried it our self but from the looks of it, running the GrovePi is pretty doable on it. We’ll get one to tinker ourself shortly, till then you should definitely try to get it work and do post here about the progress or if you need any help.

We’ll more that happy to help you out to run the GrovePi on the NanoPi.


The NanoPi does look pretty cool. The GrovePi libraries should transfer over pretty easily!