Technical specs for thermal imaging with the TIR sensor

Id like to know,¿Wich are the sensor specs related to distance range, distance to spot ratio (d:s)? I need it for an experiment in wich I´ll be measuring temperatures beetween -10°C to 5°C. The ideal distance to measure it would be from over 5 meters, ¿Is there a problem with that?¿Is there a recomended distance for measuring temperature with the sensor?

¿Wich is the maximum amount (percentage) of humidity it will resist?

Hey Fernando,
This sensor won’t work for your needs unfortunately: 15 feet is too far for the sensor to read. It works most ideally at a foot or so I believe. Sorry!

The product description on the Amazon page ( says “The sensor can detect a flame at a range of 2 meters”.

Yep. It sure can. But can it detect accurate temperatures from 3 meters? Detecting the difference between a flame and not a flame at 2 meters is a lot different than reading an accurate temperature at 3 meters.

I have a project where the device needs to discern between an inert object in the room (expected to be at common/room temp) and a person in the room (expected to be slightly warmer), probably by measuring their legs (robot on the floor).

Based off your experience, will this sensor be able to do such a task? Ideally the robot would not need to be closer than 24in from the objects it is measuring, but we might be able to do 18in. 12in would introduce other challenges, but we could try.

Hey roachslayer (excellent username btw). In our experience it should be. This depends though on the room temperature as well. 24 inches should be doable, I think 18 and 12 inches are almost guaranteed.