Temperature Humidity and Pressure Sensor Problems

I’m having trouble getting a valid result from this Temperature Humidity and Pressure Sensor on the GrovePI using Windows IoT Core and any the provided samples.


In looking on the Dexter GitHub repos, I found the following two implementations for interacting with Temp, Humidity and Pressure Sensors, neither of which seem to apply to this sensor:

(seems to be an implementation for a sensor that is built to work with the analog ports and not the one in question that I have). This fails to get data from the sensor in question.

(clearly references the SHT31 as the intended sensor). This gives return values of 0 although it doesn’t throw exceptions.

Where can I find sample for this sensor?


Indeed, the sensors you have listed are not supported in the Windows IoT Core operating system C# libraries. The examples that are in the C# libraries are for the Grove temp and humidity sensor.

You can however use the Python examples for these sensors, located in the DI_Sensors repo here (Win IOT runs Python as well).

Thanks John

This is very helpful. We were pulling our hair out for a bit thinking we were doing something wrong!