Terminal Connection

Just started setting up my GoPiGo2 from our GoBox subscription. This is my first Raspberry Pi experience. Had some problems in the beginning with connecting to it from a PC. Turns out the Dexter SD card was completely empty. So I found the instructions for installing the Dexter Raspbian for Robots image and was able to continue the setup from there. Connection via VNC works fine and we were able to do one of the Scratch examples to get the bot going. I’m curious to experiment with the terminal login approach now. However, I can’t figure out the username/password. Some of the documentation appears to state that the username should be pi and the password is raspberry. However, this is not working and am receiving “Access denied.” What am I missing?

Hi sidersdd,
I am extremely sorry that you had received a blank SD card. It must have slipped in the batch of good SD cards but glad to hear that you were able to burn a new image and get it up and working.

For the terminal, the username is pi and the password robots1234. Can you try this out and let us know if it helps.