Testing GoPiGo Programs with Turtle or Sth?

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to test your GoPiGo programs with some GUI (like turtle) before testing it on the device (wasting batteries, etc.)?

I can imagine this is so for movement, but I can’t imagine you can program “digital obstacles” when testing ultrasonic sensor/servo functions…

We don’t have an option for using a GUI to preprogram the movement beforehand but it does sound like something that can be done, One big problem is that we are not avare of the direction of the GoPiGo because even though the wheels have encoders, there is slip involved which makes it difficult to find out which direction the GoPiGo is facing.

We had tried making something like turtle with the GoPiGo with a compass attached to it to find out the direction. You can find the source for that project here: https://github.com/DexterInd/GoPiGo/tree/master/Software/Python/Examples/Compass%20Robot . But there was a lot of interference for the compass and we were able to achieve more like ±10 degress of accuracy in terms of the direction.

Maybe you can have a look at that and let us know if that might be useful for you.


I just ordered a grove compass board.
Is the interference still an issue?

I noticed in another post you suggest that the motors interfere (Magnets tend to do that) so it could be moved away or magnetically insulate the compass module.

My algorithm will figure out first where the GPG is and then be able to seek a home position based on the distance from North/South and East/West. The Ultrasound is used to ping distance and the compass gets the GPG facing the right way. Kinda cheezy GPS inside a room.

@salvideoguy: just answered the compass interference question here. There is a LIDAR that Seeed sells too, but it is just too costly. You can try that out if you want. Might be fun. Not really sure though how it would work with the GoPiGo.