The datasheet of dIMU

where can i find the datasheet of dIMU?
i can’t find it in
could you plz send it to me?
email address is

This is a discontinued product, so we never migrated over the old information for it. We have information on how to use the dIMU here:

The dIMU consists of two chips. One is the gyroscope which is a L3G4200D. You can download the datasheet here:

The second one is the acceleration sensor MMA7455L. I use these sheets to program it:



@John: Have you ever read the …/manual/imu-sensor page? It is ok to discontinue a product but in the moment there is no information about the used chips and the link to the datasheets goes to github, where you can find a lot of things - but no datasheets. :frowning:

May be you can change the dIMU Manual page so that it includes at least the name of the used chips, even if you don’t want to provide the datasheets by you own.



Hey Michael, I wrote that page way back in the day. Sorry/notsorry for posting the datasheets: Almost all of our users of that particular product are very basic, using it in NXT-G, ergo wouldn’t need to know the basic I2C registers and how the specific chipset performs.