The March Of Time: Lunar Lobsters Are Coming

The first ROS on GoPiGo started with @Christian Rauch seven years ago before Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi would come together in the same sentence.

My first experience with ROS on the GoPiGo3 was putting ROS Kinetic over Raspbian 9 Stretch with @thomascoyle11859. At the time ROS Kinetic was officially targeted to Ubuntu 16.

The “Hands On ROS for Robotics Programming” book by @brjapon targeted ROS Melodic over Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver on the GoPiGo3.

@KeithW provided extensive documentation of his ROS on the GoPiGo3 journey working through that book in this forum.

Every year since has been a new ROS targeted to a new Ubuntu.

Last year GoPiGo3 ROSbot Dave did a “1K run” on ROS2 Foxy Fitzroy and Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa.

Now I am running ROS2 Humble Hawksbill over Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish,

and read today that ROS2 Iron Irwini and Ubuntu 23 Lunar Lobster are starting development.


Are you sure that isn’t “lunatic lobsters”? :rofl:

What with all the grief you get with ROS, it sounds like it should be that. :wink:


Past that. Only educational bliss now, but I don’t expect I’ll buy the “Irwini” t-shirt.


Educational bliss?

I don’t think I’m gonna even touch that. . . . :wink:


I looked it up and the “irwini” is:

  • An Amazonian armored catfish.
  • An Australian fresh water snapping turtle. (also armored)
  • A Tripanozome parasite that is difficult to get rid of.

I wonder which one ROS is named after?

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ROS uses Turtle names in honor of TurtleBot.


So far it seems like a yawn-fest to me.

Especially if you don’t get a quality product and the run-time stinks.

The history of the TurtleBot has a few flat tires along the way, but there are more active-on-social-media TurtleBot3 users than for the GoPiGo3.

The TurtleBot4 Lite should be able to work out the kinks to get a solid hour-plus playtime, and clear out the startup issues to be a quite “high intrinsic function” ROS bot. The TurtleBot4 Standard is ripe for an aux battery to run the Pi and sensors, to allow longer run-times in university settings.

Considering the GoPiGo3 Li-Ion battery is spec’d at 3A it is likely to be inadequate for a full up vision processing ROS bot as well. I hope to find a sweet spot of Lidar/Mapping/Vision usage on a Pi4 GoPiGo3.

Something funny going on today with “Humble Dave”:

  • Load 15min 1.36 at 1hr
  • Load 15min 1.71 at 1:20

but individual processes don’t show increased CPU usage.

* Dave: GoPiGo3/Lidar/Joy/Odometer/safety/state_and_joint/libcameraJPG/imu_sensor
  - no mapping
  - rviz2 showing bot and scan
  - Load 15min 1.36 at 1hr  1.75 at 1:30
  - Mem 588MB at 1hr
  - 57degC
  - freq: 1.3-1.7GHz
  - GoPiGo3 node started out low, grows to 33% after 1hr
  - IMU 30% CPU
  - Odometer 10% CPU
  - Safety 8% CPU
  - ImagePub 12% CPU
  - Joy 14% CPU (2x 7%)
  - Joint and Robot State 1.4% CPU
  - pigpiod 16%+ CPU (2x 8%)
  - ydlidar 4% + 2% CPU
  - (htop 3% CPU)

Aren’t Humble and Jammy long-term support (LTS) versions? So they’ll be around for a while fortunately.


Yes, we can stay on Humble and Jammy till 2027, if our batteries don’t give out.