The "new' Raspberry Pi 4b

I unboxed my “new” Pi-4b and here’s a close-up view of it.


The thing that’s immediately apparent is the changes in the board’s layout, particularly with moving D1, (the reverse-voltage protection diode), to the other side of the PCB.



The thing that concerns me is that there isn’t a lot of “meat”, (fat circuit traces), between the power circuitry on the left, and the protection diode on the right.  That, (to me), raises the issue of “what happens when a 3+ amp power supply is inadvertently connected backwards?”  Without beefy traces, all I think you will see is, firstly fried traces, and then a fried PCB.

Of course this assumes some clod, (like me!), connects an unprotected, high-current supply to their Raspberry Pi. :man_facepalming:



If the boot process goes all pear-shaped, there is a new “Oh snap!” screen.

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