Tilt Buzzer

Hi I kept getting 0’s readings for the X, Y and Z. Any cue? I am using the 3-axis digital accelerometer that came with the GrovePi Starter Kit that I bought from Dexter Industries.

Can you try out this example: https://github.com/DexterInd/GrovePi/blob/master/Software/Python/grove_accelerometer_16g/basic_example.py to see if you get any values from the Accelerometer.

Also, run it as root

I am having this same issue as the original poster. I followed karan’s directions, and I am getting values from the accelerometer when I run basic_example.py

What should I do next please?

Upon closer inspection, I see that all of the values that I am getting are decimals - very close to zero.

What should I do next please?

Can you run the troubleshoot script and post the results here?

Hey @deannasoukup,
Can you post a link to the sensor that you are using and a picture of how it is connected to the Pi. Also which example were you running and can you post the output that you got from that sensor.