Tilt Buzzer

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I plug in the accelerometer and execute the program “tilt_buzzer.py”, all the axis are set to 0, even when I move it.

Is there something wrong with my code? I thought I followed the procedure for making the tilt buzzer properly.


P.S: I don’t know if it matters but I have a Brick Pi sandwiched between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove Pi.

Couple of quick questions on this:

  • Does it work when you remove the BrickPi from the Stack? brickPi uses the serial lines, so it shouldn’t be interfering with the GrovePi. But it’s worth a shot to test.
  • Just to clarify, does or did the accelerometer ever read anything? You say “set to 0” are they suddenly setting to zero, or are they starting at 0, and reading the values afterwards?

Also, we haven’t seen too many projects combining the BrickPi and GrovePi. We would love to hear more about what you’re working on. Mind sharing?

Thanks! John